Nighttime blabbering 620

Working on the novel can be boring at times. Yesterday and today, I was only working with the format, and tried to memorize where the characters left their things, so they don’t pick them up from a different place. As I said before, what is broken, can’t function properly, or be whole again. This is a reoccurring problem for those writers that have little time to work on their hobby. The last novel I wrote took me only one month from the start to finish. The stuff I mentioned there and the plot along with the twist work great because everything came together in thirty days. I counted the days, and how much I wrote down, so it was easy to calculate and track the progress. This time it’s very different. I am under more chores and pressure than before, and then there is a matter of personal reasons of why I can’t sit down and write like nothing matters. However, I am making a progress, but slowly. If I want to continue adding more elements, and play with the plot, the beginning and everything that happened until now must be logical and compact. So, the current writing process is a slow burn rather than back burn, but it’s going somewhere, I hope. Except this report about writing, there’s not much to say. The weather is windy, and the temperature is falling every day as if the autumn already started. It’s a good thing I have my backyard full of firewood, or staying indoors, in this time and date would be somewhat cold. Yeah, this is a short post. Let’s hope I’ll have more to tell you in the next one.

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