Shadow Chaser concept art (Second hour) on Patreon

If you ever wanted to see how a digital painting is made, this is your chance to take a glimpse at how I create my stuff for my novels. This time I am continuing with the project that depicts the main character and his love interest in the original rain forest setting. The book is an epic fantasy with elements of Slavic mythology, steampunk, and other genres. At its core, the story is about friendship, maturing, and taking responsibility. On the surface level, this is a poetic, easy-flowing, colorful grimdark drama with shocking scenes of violence. And there are fictional monsters too, so what’s there not to love. I am painting this while writing another novel because I need something to inspire me to keep writing a book that’s way too complex than anything I ever wrote in my life.

It was exciting and fun to paint the details, and the hedge looks a bit more realistic now. This is the second hour I spent working on it, and the progress will be more and more visible as I keep adding more details. So far, there’s only a hedge, and I will not mention a few more things, but I plan to add more information and elements. How long is this going to take? Until I am satisfied with the end product. And I have to say that I am not looking to achieve perfection, like a professional designer, only to upgrade my skills and keep challenging myself to become better. If you like this kind of thing, join me on Patreon and let us have fun.

I am only using a mouse and a keyboard, so you can go figure what sort of a challenge I am talking about. Yup, we old school in here. God help us all.

And I almost forgot to show you how far I came with the project. Here is the last version of the painting I saved.

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