Nighttime blabbering 614

I caught a flu again. I was minding my own business, working on my computer, when my nose decided to run freely. There’s no obvious culprit this time because I haven’t been out much, or drank anything cold lately, so it’s a real mystery how I got it again. Yesterday was the day when I got up early, did my routine and headed to the field to dig up the potatoes. It’s time to get them out the ground, class them by size and store them in a cold and dry place. We are doing the same thing every year, so this is noting unusual. We dug up fifteen lines, which is one third of the field, and took them home. Again, nothing unusual. I suppose the weather was hot yesterday, and me sitting in a cold living room, finishing my stuff on a computer resulted with stark temperature difference which brought me a flu. Except a runny nose, and mild fever, I am functioning well… for now.

But this is a minor thing, sort of speak. Tonight I want to interest you in something that’s coming out tomorrow. I scheduled a post about my cover art progress for a novel I am writing. I am sure you’ve seen the past development, so this would be the continuation of that. It’s a second hour within the design process. There’s nature, there’s light and shadowing, some sculpturing and a play of colors. In a dozen hours or so, come back to my blog to see how far I got with this art piece. Some bloggers will find it useful, and if you subscribe to my Patreon, there are multiple photos and samples you can see, and a PSD file for Photoshop. Along with these things, I am giving you a text with described process and intention I had when working on the painting.

I am still waiting for an important email, so fingers crossed the IT firm I applied for accepts me as their content writer. If that happens, I might run my Patreon profile for another month or two, who knows. I expect a tight schedule, and a lot of work when it comes to this new opportunity. At least the pay sounds great.

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