Nighttime blabbering 613

Shoveling activates a few groups of muscles. From shoulder, to chest, to thigs and forearms, doing hard work can cause inflammation and sourness in your body. I didn’t know I had latissimus. Seriously, I might have been born without one, who knows. Only when it started aching did I learn I had a muscle named Latissimus. It’s a muscle below the shoulder blade, ribs height, under the arm pit. When looking at the mirror, the trapezius muscles are pumped, like very much, and that groups is just around the spine extended to the shoulders and down to the lower back. It looks like the letter T on someone’s back. All of those groups, yup, all of them are in flames. Yesterday we finished the tenth and the last trailer with manure. How heavy can it be? Well, around 3 tons per wagon, which is the weight limit tires can endure carrying. It’s not whole a lot, but a considerable enough for two men to load and unload thirty tons of anything in two days. While I was working, there was some pain and exhaustion, but I was warmed up, and happy the job was done. I felt no problems until the morning, and now when I look at myself, or walk, or try to lift something without stretching first, well I feel the muscle fibers tensing. It’s weird, but kind of charming… in some odd sense. At least the same won’t happen in a few years since it takes time for the pit to get full. I mean, we don’t have cattle, like cows and bulls, only pigs and chickens. The amount of manure these animals make is a wheelbarrow per day, which is neglectable. The manure doesn’t stink acidic because we don’t use concentrate, only food scraps, potatoes and slops as pig food. We also use powdered corn, cloves and greenery like weeds form the farm, edible stuff from the garden, and other things. So it’s most natural diet the pigs are getting, leaving only a natural smell of manure. I can’t believe this is the second time I am blabbering about the manure, but hey, it happened, and I am still proud I did a great job there. Next time I’ll be talking about something more creative and cultural. Perhaps about design, Photoshop, and other things i am working on. Tonight I finally sleep with a smile on my face, and not a care in the world.

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