Nighttime blabbering 598

It’s been a while since I reported on the spam comments I am getting on this blog. I am considering learning more about vaping oils, lingerie and making a list of great recommendations on where to get loans. Seriously, it’s getting wild back there. One can only read and laugh at the stuff the people try slipping under my attention. The WP system is doing an excellent job because none of these obvious click-bating comments pass through. My life must be taking a break from me since I am entertaining myself with reading these droppings. I only wonder if these machined answers and questions end up on the undesirable list, or are there people bashing their heads to fabricate yet another line they can leave under someone’s blog post. If there are actual people behind this, I really hope they are being paid for it.

But let me talk about something else. This is 598th blabber, so in four days, I will hit the 600 mark. In honor of talking to the void, hoping that something out there replies instead of hearing my own echo, I scheduled the movie review for the 25th of July. Also, there’s a list of fake novels that will come out soon on my Patreon, with a satiric tone, while that same thing is scheduled to come out on July 30th. This is my way of celebrating, and I hope you will enjoy the content I prepared for you.

To finish this blabber, I’ll leave you with a piece of good news. One of the people that posted a job ad responded to my email and gave me the assignment to write a test article. I think I did it alright, but nothing is certain until the end of August, when the results will come out. This will somewhat change my daily schedule, force me to organize a little bit better, but it’s a move in the correct direction. Perhaps this is the change I needed to get a move dynamic working conditions. Yes, I will be busy like never before, but that is life.

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