Nighttime blabbering 597

Well, the movie review is posted, and another fun content piece is also scheduled for your entertainment. I am happy to announce that both of these articles will be made available on this blog, so keep an eye for odd titles when they pop up in your Reader segment. The movie review turned out to be about a significant piece of art I was unaware of until my editor informed me of its value. As it came to my attention, this movie I watched and wrote about stirred up the general public when it came out, and it is a good depiction of society, the world, and Japanese tradition. However, when the film hit the cinemas in Japan, reactions were different because the topic at hand was somewhat delicate for the year 1966.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it, and I had fun analyzing the plot, noticing the details, and drawing parallels with modern times. The baseline is set around the issue of feminism and how women were treated back in the day. To contrast that with the movements of today, this old movie-made-classic cinema piece hits the point much better, as the plot is not concerned about the politics but the personalized story of a woman turned geisha. Sadly, this is all I can say about it, so I’ll leave my Patreon link HERE for you to subscribe and read the whole thing. I also added snapshots from the movie, so you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.

The second writing I scheduled will come out on the 25th of July, as I always post something on that day, and it’s more comedic than the rest. I am talking about the book covers with made-up novel titles and blurbs about the novels’ plot. A famous folk singer published a book, some sort of biography, which made waves in the cultural scene of Serbia. Some people were in favor, some against having a musician entering the world of writers. Me? Well, I am always on the sideline, watching the herd doing their things, eat popcorn and laugh at it. So, this is me, poking fun at those hot-blooded, hot-headed folk that react to everything without thinking. Overall, I think you will enjoy reading both the academic article about a movie I watched and laugh with me while reading satiric blurbs about non-existing novels.

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