Nighttime blabbering 596

The lumbering job is done, my nephew and niece went home, so I am all alone now, ready to continue with what I was doing before this hellish week. To top this experience, the thunderstorm was strong last night. The local transformer went out, so the whole village was in the dark for 12 hours. I could see things only when it flashed outside, which was frustrating. In lack of things to do, I wrapped up things and went to bed at half-past eight at night. I woke up in the middle of the night, took a dozen naps until the Sun came out. And the power came back late in the day, so I haven’t done anything I planned for today. Along with these difficulties, I even missed the last night’s podcast my Association has, where one of our renowned authors visited us for a quick chat. At least I had enough power and internet to write this blabbering for you. This is me searching for a good thing in a sea of bad stuff happening to me lately. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day, with lots of opportunities. Not everything was so grim as it sounds. I cleaned my house from the basement to the attic, washed two loads of laundry, and watered the flowers. So, I did something today, not what I had in mind, but this is useful too. Whenever I can’t dedicate or focus on writing, these everyday chores are a great substitute. I mean, everyone should keep their dwellings clean and presentable, correct? So, there you go, this is how I spent the last two days. It’s late here, and the thunderstorm is getting closer, so I’ll leave you here with a dilemma. I am thinking about what I should post next on my Patreon since I posted a review of a Japanese drama on 15th July. You can subscribe and read it, all along with the snapshots of iconic scenes from the movie within the article. Throw me some ideas if you please. Thanks.

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