Nighttime blabbering 595

We reached the point where I have nothing to tell, except I am tired and really hating the thunderstorms. The heatwaves were getting serious for the past two days, when today, everything changed. The temperature dropped to a pleasant 30+ something degrees, the wild is blowing from the east, and everything is fine. Bare in mind that I had heatwaves smacking the blistering 51 degrees Celsius a few days ago. However, it’s very cloudy, and a thunderstorm is prevalent against the rain that keeps missing my neck of the woods. The air around me grows thicker because of the vapor from the raindrops, and the atmospheric pressure is noticeable. You can feel gasping for air, even if the winds blow. To top it off, I am outside since 5 in the morning, still working with lumber, made a pause around noon, took a nap, and went back to work around 4 in the afternoon. So, one half is done, but then there’s that other half that keeps me away from writing. And this lumbering is doing a favor for my neighbor because she is landing me her internet, keeping all of this blogging routine possible. Don’t hold it against me to keep this short and compact because I am trying to write this in time and avoid being struck by lightning. So, that’s all. I am working outside, complaining about the weather, looking forward to proceeding writing in some foreseeable future.

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