Nighttime blabbering 594

While the kids are in the pool or out in the city with their mother, I am working on the novel. Yesterday, the power came and went several times. Just when I was about to open the document, find the last entry, and begin plotting the novel, the power went out for an hour, and that kept repeating five times. The result of the glitches was that my GW kicked me out from the grid and kicked me out from all the platforms. I had to log in again, search for the passwords, which took a while since I got ten profiles on ten media platforms. It came to ten o’clock in the evening, too late to begin writing, so I just watched a movie instead. Speaking of film, there’s a movie review I wrote for you coming out tomorrow. I won’t post an announcement because I would give out the plot, so I am calling you to join my Patreon to review a Japanese artistic drama. It’s one of the best eastern masterpieces I’ve watched, so join me, see what I am talking about. You won’t regret it. This is the first time I am posting something new and original there, and I know people who read this blog will appreciate culture and arts. The review is available to all tiers, so you can choose the cheapest one and enjoy it. You can read the stories, insights, and detailed analyses of the stories I wrote with a subscription. Perhaps this content is not your cup of tea, but it just might be perfect for someone out there. Thank you kindly for your support. That would be all I say tonight, so take care and bye until the next time. Shawn

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