Nighttime blabbering 593

At the last moment, until both of my sisters came into the company of two small children, I finished scheduling articles on the Association portal. There are five articles, movie and book reviews, one of my texts, and a dozen stories waiting for the date. July will be fun for fiction and fantasy fans. Hanging on the portal, doing the monotonous tasks, but also learning more about WordPress turned fulfilling. Among those tasks, I get the privilege to watch people go through the online shop and place their orders for my novel. The sales are not as I expected, but every month, someone purchases one or two copies. It’s a slow process but ongoing, which is nice. If nothing happens on the portal, something is going on with an official Facebook page where people from all over the region are inquiring about what we offer, what we are publishing, or when we will publish the things we announced. This customer support is also helpful and gives me a window to what I could be searching for as a job in the future. Perhaps this is not a well-paid position, but I guess it’s enough for a start. Nobody answered my emails, but I’ll keep sending my CV and hope for the best.

To cut this stressful episode, my sisters are here with children. I inflated a kid’s pool in the driveway, so the family is gathered there, laughing, drinking coffee, enjoying a hot summer day. Kids are enjoying it too. Everyone is smiling, so that must be a positive for this day. Somehow, whenever they are here, I need a day or two to adjust to their energy, and I am almost always tired at the end of the day. So, I am drinking a beer, writing a blabbering, about to go to bed when I finish the bottle. The way I see it, this was a perfect day, a once-in-a-lifetime wholesome experience having the whole family back together after the pandemic. There’s nothing I could’ve wished for that being at this moment right now. Whoops, my bottle’s empty. G’nite y’all.

2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 593

  1. Glad you were to gather with your family. Yes, it is exhausting. glad to hear you have published. That is new since since I had been gone. You should link the book to all of. your posts for people to see, create more viewing. Be well. Donna

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    • I published, but the novel is in a different language, not available on Amazon or anywhere except in my country. I would share the link, if it was in English. Thanks for the idea, I could do that on my other blog. 😀

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