Nighttime blabbering 592

I had a fight with my father, which resulted with me angrily chopping the logs until all of the stomps were split in bits. After that, I loaded the wheel barrels and took the pieces to the shed, where I stacked them. There are five rows of splintered wood, which sums up to seven cubic meters of firewood. Most of the logs we got were already dry, and splitting dry wood is especially difficult. I must’ve shed a gallon of sweat until the works were over. The weather was extreme, the temperature reaching 51 Celsius during the peak of the heatwave. All I know is that all I had on me was wet and attached to my skin at the end of the day. It was like taking a bath with your clothes on. My palms are rough, tensed, the muscles inside my arms are inflated. I can feel every bone in my hands whenever I try to pick up something. Changes in my body came to the surface in sharp pain from stressing the ligaments and muscles. Upside to this, no more lumber to be processed… until the following week when I have 10 more cubic meters to deal with.

Why fighting my father? I seriously think it’s a stupid cause for a fight. Whenever I achieve something, my name gets in the papers, or some big project completes, I don’t share the news with my parents. My mother understands the passion I have, but my father doesn’t recognize any other form of work that doesn’t include your back getting sweaty. Our argument was just about that. I had projects to finish, a few articles to sort out, some minor documents to edit, and yes, this is all volunteer-based work, so there aren’t financial results I could show in the end. His opinion is that I should be less lazy, be outside more, do some honest work. It hurt me to hear that. So, everything I did so far was next to nothing in his book. Going to sleep at one in the morning and getting up at five, that doesn’t matter? I couldn’t believe he was serious about the stuff he said. So, my happiness episode ended there, so I am a bit frustrated but still operational. Yeah, parents. We all have similar problems. Things are going to get better tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 592

  1. That’s a story seen over and over, through the generations. The parents (elders) have their view of the world, and the youth see things differently, make changes to the world and to themselves. It’s a refrain, it seems, to test the mettle of the artist/youth.

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