Nighttime blabbering 590

Yet again, I am just doing same old things. My father and me agreed to separate our work, so he is cutting lumber into stomps, while I am splitting them and packing the logs in the shed. There’s a lot of getting up at 5 in the morning, working in the shade, and taking a break at noon until 5 in the evening when I proceed working where I left off. This routine doesn’t help me with my sleep, or other schedules. I mean, I am writing this post for you, and I hope it will be ready on time. But nothing is lost throughout the day because I am using my free time to finish up some stuff, sort out the projects, and schedule articles on the portal. I might finish this post, head to bed, and read the comments tomorrow at noon. My forearms are aching, and my back is not as it was when I was younger. It’s not only because of swinging the ax, but also from fetching water from the well we need to water the garden. There’s no pump, or coil, so it came to pulling the chain with 20 liters of water in 20 repetitions. Don’t mind that, it’s actually a good workout, if you are into that. The only problem is that I am already exhausted, and there are chores to be done. Tomatoes are growing strong, even if the heat is tremendous, and we haven’t had enough rain for the past two weeks. At least I get to watch at the sunset on my way home, smell the pleasant smell of meadow flowers, freshly cut grass, and linden trees. You see, there are some positive sides to this. It’s humbling, and rewarding at the same time to just cycle through the chores, and just exist in the moment. I might get back to my usual stuff by the end of the week, but that uncertain.

Yeah, let’s keep this short. I am off to bed. See you in a couple of days with fresh report from the farm.

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