Nighttime blabbering 585

As it happened before, I am back to writing with a very productive day. There are five more pages added to the novel, and I am doing a lot of research on the security details. The plot is slowly moving toward the twist and the change when a crucial element hits the paper. In the meantime, whenever I get the chance, I am looking into another TV series, which would help me develop a better storyline. So far, this has become 80% reading on interesting procedures and 20% writing the novel. If this proportion is adequate for evolving my skills, this should guarantee a great product in the end.

Yesterday I had a ton of work outdoors, even though the heat elevates every day by two more degrees. It’s scorching hot outside. I heard on the news that we haven’t had this tropical climate for hundred years, which doesn’t sound nice to me, but the meadows are ready to meet the scythe, and in two days, the weather may worsen. I am trying to balance things out and complete my business in time while still having the time. Plenty of water, stick to the shade when taking a break, breath deep, and try avoiding working at noon. These are the recommended measures for everyone going outside. I am taking good care of myself, but all that work doesn’t leave me much time to sleep. It’s just a way of things for now, but it can change shortly.

Yeah, this is going to be short for tonight. I hope y’all are doing well. Yesterday’s post was a success since a lot of people visited my Patreon. Still not enough to persuade someone to join. At least I am having fun with it, which the only thing that matters to me lately.

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