The second snippet from my novel + cover art

I don‘t know which one is bonus content, either the snippet or the cover art I made, so read the whole thing and decide on your own.

First, let‘s talk about the snippet. I‘ve been working on a novel, and I already shared the prologue. However, this is one of the scenes I enjoyed writing. There‘s a little context in the document containing a snippet and info about the characters. Just to recap all of it, there was an accident in a small town south of Serbia where 13 beautiful and the naked girl suddenly fell from the sky and crashed on the ground. The first to the scene was a local inspector Ziv, who documented the event and the victims. The incident witnesses were left dazed by the extraordinary beauty, which caused the problem with vision. Even though those people weren‘t blinded by the victims, they suffered notable changes in their bodies. It appears that these civilians were unable to shut their eyes and stop looking at the beautiful creatures in front of them. But not everyone who saw the victims turned into a zombie. Later on, as the story progresses, we learn that people with severe mental trauma can defy the magnetic pull of the indescribable victim‘s beauty.

One of those unphased witnesses snapped a photo of a naked girl smeared with blood and posted it on Instagram. In 24 hours since the incident, the picture got one billion likes and comments, thus sparking a worldwide interest for the little town and the girls. This caused the presidential visit, and what happens when the president arrives at the scene? Well, you‘ll have to read the snippet to find out. The whole of this segment is a comic piece where I showed the utter incapability of the government to solve the crime or launch a proper reaction. This is a story about society and our fixation for beauty deprived of inner values and virtues. Everything is beautiful on the outside, while we have to scratch the surface and witness the natural beauty within. In a way, in the novel, I name „Naked girls fall from the sky,“ I criticize the shallow society, our instant way of life, and indicate the problems modern civilization faces. I hope you like it.

If you want to read of how I made two book covers, join my Patreon and download the layers.

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