Nighttime blabbering 579

It looks like whenever the weather worsens, it affects my mood. For the past two days, it rained here, the clouds moved at the pace of a snail, and there wasn’t that much sunshine. Along with that, the winds were picking up, so the whole two days were terrible. My sleeping changed, so even if I get to bed inadequate time to get enough rest, I either fall asleep in an hour, don’t fall asleep but have a series of naps during the night, or I get enough sleep but wake up way early in the morning to get out of the bed. This always makes me feel more tired than when I went to bed, so I need to take notes and change something to retrieve my proper sleeping schedule.

My productivity also took critical hits, so I wasn’t writing that much. Perhaps I’ll be more active tomorrow. I have the scene on my mind, and I want to write it down, but whenever I open the document, reach the last entry, things are not going well. Something must change in my life. But, not everything is lost. I scheduled my monthly post on Patreon, so tomorrow is a big day. Go ahead, and join me on my journey on Patreon. Consider this a proper announcement and an invitation to take part in my mission to achieve something great. For June, I have decided to open another project, show you my artwork divided into hours spent working on the character concept for my novel. In this showcase of skills and duration of time I need to make a painting from scratch, I’ll be working on the “Shadow Chaser” piece. There will be a detailed painting of scenery and main characters with a background and context in each new post. This can be fun to see for other writers who are developing an idea for a novel and a fun thing to keep track of for other artists. These posts are intended to be a fun and entertaining project that doesn’t cost all that much. I mean, I’ll leave it to you to decide. The novel is high fantasy with tons of worldbuilding in the steampunk genre with Slavic mythology ornaments.

That’s it for tonight. The post on Patreon comes out tomorrow. in about 12 hours from now. I won’t be posting an announcement with the link in the morning. This is it. This is your invitation to join me. Until the next time, take care y’all.

2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 579

    • And there’s my ancient problem that keeps torturing me. I had a problem with depression, and panic attacks, so it’s somewhat usual now for me to sink down, and rise again when I feel better. It be like that sometimes.

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