Nighttime blabbering 578

The unique post for this month is scheduled on my Patreon for June 15th, 2021, so get ready for that. I previously posted short stories, but this time I wanted to give your something visual and exciting. There’s one new project I started working on, and I plan on making it slowly, with a lot of attention to detail. It’s a painting, but not just any artwork. This one is somewhat important and helpful for my inspiration. Many times before, during writing, I found myself in need of a visual representation of what I was doing, so in the middle of writing a novel, I made a pause to paint something interesting. Other writers like using photos of real actors and actresses to imagine their characters, while some prefer using many apps to create their characters. I’ve heard about that but failed to remember the names of those applications. Since I like to be creative whenever I get the chance, this was a perfect opportunity to open the new document on my Photoshop and start working out the concept. What will you see on June 15th? Well, join my profile and find out.

When I am not painting and raining outside, I usually punch the line in my novel and create stuff. Today, I am taking it easy, carefully pick my following words, paragraph, consider every move the hero makes, and observe everything from multiple angles. This time, I am carefully bringing the hero’s personality to the surface. With the following two pages, the reader should get a very graphic picture of who is the hero when he is not fighting crime. Whenever you get to the part of the novel where the storm calms down, use it to bring a human touch to your fictional bastions of justice. It’s essential to get their alter ego on a more relatable note because this shows us how fragile our heroes are in person. But why is that so important? Let’s say it just makes for a better story when you are watching someone’s personal growth and struggle to overcome its own shortcomings.

Join my Patreon, don’t make me remind you every time.

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