Nighttime blabbering 577

I had a goodtime rest and I already felt better today. I took a quick nap in the afternoon because of the thunderstorm that passed through my little village. Among the usual things I had to do, my other tasks included a creation of CV, looking the job listings, and sending a few cover letters. So, I am looking for a job, something I know to do, while in another window card I am making something form my Patreon. This month, I plan to post a running project of digital painting for my novel. This will probably last a couple of months, so I have a lot to report about. The results and the processes will be made available on my Patreon because that was the deal I made with all y’all. Stage 1 is making a background. I could’ve opted for a photo manipulation, or a classic digital style, but that didn’t seem that challenging to me. This time, you’ll be getting a slow, thorough and detailed painting, something made with much love and attention. It’s my choice, and it allows me to work on it whenever I have time, not chasing a deadline like I used to.

Writing is also going great. For the last two days, I’ve been writing constantly, and making great progress with the plot. In some of the previous blabbering, I mention I was finally over with the introduction, the beginning of the novel and info dumping, so this next section is more based on what happened after the disaster. And what was the disaster? Well, it’s too early to say, but know that something unusual and unexpected struck a little town in the south of Serbia, and now everyone wants to be part of the team that solves the crime.

And to recap, I am looking for a job, painting, writing, and later tonight, I am going to begin watching an animated series called “Devil my care” with Alan Tudyk as a main lead.

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