Nighttime blabbering 576

Oh, I am definitely going early to bed tonight. The last two days were too much for me. I haven’t stopped working, helping my father with the chores, and running the farm. Just when the firewood was over, we switched to cutting grass and preparation for the winter. Some people would say it’s too early to think about winter when even the proper summer hasn’t come yet, but I would disagree. We haven’t cut the grass in five years since we don’t have cattle, at least we don’t own cows anymore. This year, many of our family friends broke the agreement we had with them about the lawns and meadows we gave them to use for free. It appears many of them are selling or downsizing their herds due to the increased cost of care for cattle. This means that we need to step up and cut the grass ourselves. Why are we doing this if we don’t really need hay? Well, if you let the grass grow wild and don’t trim it the following year, you’d have a problem.

You see, last year grass overgrows the field and falls to the ground over the sheer weight of the grass blades. The following year, new grass starts to grow, and it can’t, because of all the last year’s grass that turned yellow and presses on the new one. To cut the fresh grass, you’ll have to cut the old one too, and that is practically impossible because the old grass is somewhat tricky to cut. It’s entwined, sinewy, and a complete hell for any bladed machine at your disposal. Therefore, you should cut it every year, maintain your lawns and meadows. It turns out we are doing this because it makes the fields beautiful, tidy, clean, and picturesque. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of rain this year, and if this weather holds like this for a few more months, we just might opt to sell our hay if the year becomes flooded.

Anyway, here are two pictures I took today.

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