Free tutorial on how I make the covers for articles in Photoshop

This is the first post I am making since the settings change of my Patreon page. For this occasion, I decided to surprise you with something comedic, engaging and a bonus deep analysis of a hip-hop song. You can read that in-depth article on fiction and fantasy elements in the song by clicking on the link in the text I left you on my Patreon. I know, this looks like a play of “click here, click there,” too much work to get to the article, but its’ worth it – trust me. The article is one of my best texts on something that appears dank, but it carries a much more meaningful message. In short, a man living in Belgrade slums gets to his car and drives off to Mars to deliver domestic drugs to Martians. Their dialogues and what happens during his journey to Mars and back to Earth tell a funny story, but in the deep dive, the song critiques the former establishment and makes a parallel observation of a lifestyle during the warring 90′.

With this project, I was tasked to create a cover image for the article, which was posted on the Sci-Fi portal. There is a tutorial on how I made the cover and how much work went into making something out of 6 photos. I must warn you about the quality of this first post and announce that future posts will have a different and more detailed structure with more valuable information you could use. But, let’s not get this too long. Here is the LINK to a FREE tutorial. Consider becoming a patron, and help me work my way up to translate my first novel and do something great with it. Every donation, no matter how small, helps me achieve my goals. Thank you for supporting me and my work. Many thanks go to Michael Coats, my longtime patron and friend who also published a book, and not just an ordinary book. He published a book of limericks, and now he is planning on publishing another. I would like to express thanks to River Dixon, a longtime friend, an author, and great supporter of what I am doing. In the end, I owe my gratitude to all of my Commanders in Quill which make a long list of names; it would take me half a day to mention all of you.

Until the next time, march on soldier, and take care.


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