Nighttime blabbering 564

I am making progress with my novel. Some scenes should be shortened, and then there are some scenes I need to develop more. The problem I am facing, and it’s showing, is that I am extensively using names of the characters, which is connected to the English construction of sentences. Names are not that important when writing in Serbian, and putting words together is more forgiving than in other languages. If I mention the character’s name at the beginning of the scene, it goes without saying that the main character does whatever happens next. In English is different. You’ll need to state who does what and how he did it. All those rules mixed up in my mind, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to focus on writing in one language. But I may write something in English, depending on the idea and inspiration I get from it. Stick around; I might surprise you with a story.

Tomorrow is a big day for my Patreon account and me because tomorrow I’ll present my new content concept to you. As I said before, expect a lot of short but fun and frequent things there. There will be my photoshop projects, my writing in progress, snippets, scenes, thoughts, tutorials, movie reviews, all the neat and entertaining stuff. The first post will be free for all, but the next one will only be available for patrons. Reviews and some of the photos will be open for everybody to see, but I’ll have to keep them restricted if the project is important to me. Among those things, I plan to make individual blog posts or share a few things from my Patreon to my blog to keep things dynamic and fun.

If you have more suggestions on what to do to keep this blogging and posting, don’t hold it for yourself.

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