Nighttime blabbering 563

In today’s news, the reports came about current writing progress stating that the ongoing work is ongoing. The scenes I am constructing are well thought, touching, comedic, and interesting. This new novel demands research on pathology, the crime scene investigation process, some additional research on the fairies, tales of old mythology, and some other things. I finally got back to writing, but I am also involved in other things that I can’t mention because of the risk of jinxing. I am working on projects, gradually shaping something for which I can only hope to work someday. At least I am having fun, living my life with the hope of greatness guiding me forward. I’ll prepare something for you in a few days, have it posted on my Patreon. If you are not a supporter, become one, join my lowest tier because most of the stuff I have will be made available there.

It was uncertain if I’ll manage to post blabbering tonight because of the storm that passed through my village. I am talking about harsh winds, heavily dusted air, raindrops the size of a nail, thunderstorms in the distance, and a lot of noise. After drinking my coffee, I took a short nap until the storm passed, and it was safe to turn on the computer again. I am back now, but not for long because it’s late at night and I should get to bed. Tomorrow is another day and an opportunity to resume my writing. It’s fulfilling me with positive energy and pleasant feeling I can’t explain whenever I get to my computer, open the document, and begin weaving a scene. You should try writing a novel, or at least a short story. It’s magic.

And the rainstorm isn’t that bad. I can at least watch the raindrops race to the bottom of the window, sip my coffee, plan my next scene.

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