Nighttime blabbering 562

My writing in progress is going well. Last night, I wrote ten pages, developed a scene, added more context, and described a policing procedure. Since I am working on two novels but focusing on one at a time, I haven’t told you about this. Let’s reserve this for my Patreon, where I will inform you monthly about the progress. The story opens with a mysterious event that leaves a small town in the spotlight. Global powers start to get interested in this odd disaster, and what follows is an investigation that grows even more mysterious. The genre is urban fantasy, something I haven’t done in my writing career. It could be fun to get you all involved in writing this thing, but only on my Patreon. I really shouldn’t share it wide because I’ve been warned about the complications which could ensue.

Speaking of Patreon, I prepared something for you. It will be posted public for everyone on my profile, with a link in a particular post. When May 15 comes, watch out for cover art, tutorial, and a deep analysis of something special. That’s all I am going to say for now.

Among other things, I am also circulating outside, doing some work, clearing the hedges, preparing more firewood, living a healthy and busy life. I got pictures to prove it. In the photos I took this day, you’ll see all of the pastures, bushes, hedges, mountain Rtanj and Ozren in the background, a dirt road leading to my village, some rooftops, and lastly, my selection of axes. I like chopping lumber. It’s an anti-stress workout. After two hours of chopping, my head is cleared, my arms hurt, but I feel great afterward. This sort of exercise helps me write better, get motivated, inspired, and creative. I don’t know why, but that’s how doing heavy labor affects me, back to the axes. From left to right, I lined up seven axes I have. The first on the left is heavy one kilogram, while every next one is heavier by a half of a kilogram, and so on. My preferred ax is the one in the middle. It weighs around 2.5 kilograms, and it has a nice profiled handle. The weight helps splitting logs, so the amount of power and strength to cut the log decreases. You don’t need a giant swing, strong arms, tight grip to bring the ax head down and chop the log. It’s all about precision, knowledge, and experience when it comes to wielding an ax.

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