Nighttime blabbering 555

I almost forgot about the blabbering because I am mid-work on a project that might be interesting enough to share with you shortly. This morning, I got up, had breakfast, and went with my father to our local forest patch. We have that piece of land under our family name, and I love going there since it is away from the village, noise, and people. There is a small plum orchard which is also ours, long hillside meadows full of grass, and a little church atop the opposite hill. And apples blossomed in one of our secluded parts of orchard. The view is peaceful, tranquilizing. I saw stags and does many times, prancing around. It’s not a rare occasion to spot a red fox, wild hares, or falcons screeching in the sky.

But that forest where we cut down a few dead trees for firewood, that is the place which is a medicine for my soul. New vegetation started sprouting through the mush of fallen leaves, and their green color sets a majestic contrast with the decaying brown surface. I almost poked my eye out with a tiny branch. No joke, there were tears and cuss words involved. Now I feel pressure, but there’s no damage to the eyesight.

Ah, I’ll post pictures at the end of the post, but I’d like to get you interested in something I am working on. I sent the translated story to one of my other editors, not Cage; this is a different person. And she read it, wrote me some notes, sent it back. I’ll start editing that as soon as I am done cutting lumber tomorrow. My time this evening is reserved for another project, an essay on a hip-hop song I heard as a child. It is science fiction, talking about drugs, a type of song, sort of funny, and satire. The song is goofy enough to inspire me to stay up late and write a deep analysis on it. If this goes great and I make decent cover art for the article, this might be the first thing I post on my Patreon, which doesn’t involve short stories. So, there is that, and now the pictures of sensational nature that surrounds me.

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