Nighttime blabbering 551

Writing stories in English became harder than before. It seems as if my knowledge deteriorated over these few years of blogging about writing. The story I am trying to prepare for this month got many positive comments. Therefore I wanted to translate it correctly and see if the same thing will hold up in another language. Call it an experiment; this is what I am working on right now. But there’s a particular problem with this writing project. When I am reading the sentence, it looks and sounds poor. The need for an upgrade is obvious. So the trick is to upgrade it properly and have the sentence become better, more vibrant, dynamic, informatory. And when I am supposed to rearrange the words, change them with synonyms, add or delete the pieces, I am lost, frozen still, monkey brain. Writing Japanese hiragana looks easier than wording a story. And when it comes to blogging, it’s all fine; it’s a different type of writing, I can go on about this for days, but something prevents me from creating a coherent thought and putting it on paper.

In other words, I can tell quality and mistakes apart but not get into it, take action and sort it out. It’s an ongoing process of learning. Still, I will try to create cover art for the story, properly announce it, get you all hyped up for this new thing I am working on, and observe what happens next. With this story, I am slowly finishing storytelling on my Patreon page and opening new segments. It should be fun and engaging new while writing stories will be reserved for more promising opportunities like contests and awards. With that said, I am going to work on this project until it’s good enough. But you need to tell me what you would like to read on my Patreon?

4 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 551

  1. I would say that Take a break from writing for a little while and engage yourself in creative process like making illustrations along with the opening lines of the story and let the readers decide what captivate them.

    Then you can ask the readers to drop the keywords or the characters ( from books and movies) they think relate to your story.
    This is just a suggestion

    I personally love your writing. You know the Rakija thing on your blog is so fascinating. I mean you can write the wrap up the real emotions of people into words and carve a beautiful and intriguing story. Again it’s just a suggestion 😊


  2. How about 3? Snippets, progress, and artwork? A little of each to show how each piece works to make a whole.

    Sorry about the writing/English stuff … all I can say is that it happens to the native English speakers, too. Storytelling isn’t the same as making words because it has to make visuals, has to have rhythm, has to get the reader as involved in the story as the writer was while creating it.
    It always sounds easy, but the best things in life take a lot of work, maybe even as much as the passion for the art.

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