Nighttime blabbering 543

These past two days were very nice. I managed to plant the onions, garlic, red onion, hmm, and more purple than red, but we call ’em red, so, red onions, horse beans, carrots, and beets. When we arrived at the farmland, a herd of does frolic with the little roes in the distance. I snapped a few photos of them, but they turned out hazy and blurry to show them to you. Does had a white belly, light brown fur on the ribs, and black stripes on the back. Falcons screeched above my head all day, and then the bird’s chirp brought me the childish memories of spring.

Today, my father and I brought the copper cauldron and the water cooler to construct our backyard’s distillery. We then got a load of branches, prepared for a long day tomorrow to make rakija. If you don’t know what rakija is, well, I can only direct you to google this term and be amazed by the search results. But to cut it short, rakija is a Serbian national drink, a potent brandy, or a spirit we traditionally make here. It is powerful, about 40% alcohol, and it can vary from plum distilled booze to other types of fruit we grow here. My family makes two versions from plums and grapes since we have a plum orchard and a vineyard. Other people make rakija from apples, peaches, quinces, apricots, pears, and many other fruits. However, only the grape rakija can create aromatic liquors by adding some nutty and cherry fruits like walnuts into the bottle and thus producing a walnut rakija or cherry rakija. The same thing can’t be accomplished with other types of rakija, and if experimenting with it, it’s probably going to spoil the drink to the point you weren’t able to consume it. So, tomorrow we light the fire and make rakija.

As you can see, I am having lots of work on my hands, and I really like it. But, I am not going to leave you like this. Here is one of the magnificent photos I took yesterday. I might have more to share with you in a couple of days when I am done with making an elixir of gods.

There’s Rtanj mountain, an ominous and spooky mountain the people tell stories about it. I mean, some folks here claim they saw aliens there, lightning orbs descending from the top, or even fairies. Whatever it is, this mountain is famous for paranormal activities.

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