Behind the Curtain (OUT NOW)

It’s is my great pleasure to present you my new short story. This piece explores the paranormal world or art and what happens behind the curtain when the lights go off. Actors, actresses, and technicians spend their days on the boards that mean life, but is there life even after death? Find out in the new story I wrote just for you.

What is the fate of those who haven’t only lived in the theater but gave their lives for art? What made Trudy, a careered actress, return to the place of cheer and tears? What turned Alister, a brilliant manager, to resentment, bitterness, and hate? Find out who is a vagabond and what drives him toward the spotlight. Meet the characters, playing a role in a play of life and death. Take a glimpse behind the red velvet curtain.

Join my Patreon, and read the story. You won’t regret it.

For every new patron I get, I’ll write you a custom short story by your specifications. It can be fantasy, fiction, mystery, thriller, action. Chose a genre, setting, name the characters, and I’ll make a story just for you.

Read the story HERE.

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