Behind the Curtain (announcement)

I am so sorry I missed to post the last month’s story, but I have splendid news for this month. There is a story I prepared for you, and I’ll try to sort it out, edit it better and post it here. For now, I am only giving you a snippet from the story called “Behind the Curtain”. It is a thrilling paranormal story about actors and actresses’ living inside the theater and what happens to them after dark.

You’ll meet Alister, an actor with a troubled past of gambling addiction. You’ll adore Trudy, an actress with a dramatic life much like her career. And you’ll understand a strange vagabond who dedicated his life to the theater, art and higher calling. These are the characters who will perform their last play.

Join my Patreon if you want to read the story, and stay tuned for more fun material.

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