Newspapers wrote about me

Five days ago, I shared some plans with you where I said something about donating a few of my novels to the local library. Yesterday I went to the local town to finish up some stuff I do every year, and I brought five copies. The first copy I send to a friend who lives up in the north. I left her a good quote, thanks, and my signature on the first page. She said her thanks and expressed her surprise to find her name and surname printed in the ‘Word from an author’ section every novel here has, and we spoke for a while. But, yesterday, I sent her the novel and looked at the four copies in the bag, then looked to the post office’s right where the library stood. I only planned to visit the library, introduce myself and talk to them about my intentions. So, I went there, where I was greeted by a nice lady. I told this nice lady that my Association and I wish to donate some of my books. But I’d like to snap a few photos in the library, write a news article about it, just to shine a light on the event and mark it as something nice happening during a pandemic. The Association has a tradition of giving books to the libraries. So now, we would like to keep with that tradition and give this specific library some novels. The lady nodded and agreed to everything I said because media coverage helps them with their work. And I mentioned to this lady that the news article I will write will be offered to the local newspapers. She nodded again and said, “They will be here in a moment.” I squinted my eyes, trying to understand what she was saying, but took that as radio noise and explained again. “No, the journalists are not coming; we will write a story on this for them,” and continued on talking about the plan.

As I took out the books and left them on the table, a journalist walked in with a photographer. Along with them, some kids came in and walked to the next room. The journalist shook hands with the lady, and this librarian introduced me to the journalist. She was kind enough to tell this journalist why I was there, and then the journalist and I began talking. The photographer took a few pictures of me standing by the table, we then shook hands, said our farewells, and then the lady came back again from the other room. She said that the library stands at my disposal if the Association and I plan a formal event and book signing for the locals. So, these were great news, somewhat unexpected, but welcome.

And the thing is, I did some investigation on the library before deciding what to do. Yesterday was the National Library Day of this library, and yesterday was the day this library was founded. I wanted to gift the library on a specific date because I wanted this donation to mean something. And it did mean a lot. One of my copies is entering a special wing, reserved only for the local authors and poets, while another copy is to be made available to a board selection in the main wing.

Yesterday, the local newspaper wrote about the library’s birthday, wrote about adamant children readers that visit this library on the regular, and mentioned my novel, me and the Association donating novels to the library.

Along with that good news, I have a few more lines to write about my Association taking the next step with the first novel I ever published. It appears that the publisher of my book entered in a creative collaboration with another entity that is creating audiobooks, so my book is to become an audio novel someday.

Overall, yesterday was the best day I had in a long time. The stars aligned, the Sun shone on me, and the birds sang their songs in the tree crowns, and everything was good.

To end this post properly with a picture, this is the photo from the news article. There’s me without the beard.

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