Nighttime blabbering 529

Everything is the same as it was two days ago. I made it to half of the categorization of old articles on the portal, added a few more articles to the pile, and in the meantime, finished a few more things. I have an idea for a short story, but since my previous attempts to write a story failed, perhaps an outline is an excellent way to start this new project. So, I won’t rush too much, and I’ll leave the idea to simmer a bit longer before I write the story. Old stories I have also need to wait for me to wrap up the portal stuff, and I might translate one I wrote in Serbian for the next month. It sounds like a plan, but who knows if that is going to happen. In this time and day, my only goal is to release some stress, get a good night’s sleep, rest, and weave a web of steps I need to take in the future. Some introspection is always welcome. I get this feeling I strode away from the path I intended to follow, and now I am in the wild, looking for civilization, trying to find order in chaos, get back in the gear I ran with for the past three years. It will take some time to get my orientation; however, the soon you get things straight, you can quickly move on with living. And that doesn’t sound that bad. See, I am optimistic, casual, relaxed. Perhaps I am only putting on a face when I am talking to you, maybe I am sincere with you here, and you’ll never find out the truth.

Is this enough for a late-night post, or should I keep blabbering more about my life? Are you entertained?

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