Nighttime blabbering 528

I had a long but productive day. Some bad luck was following me. First, the power went out for an hour. Just when I was finishing up the cover for an article, the monitor went dark, and my face reflection shaped with rage looked back from the black canvas. It took me five minutes of cussing to come to my senses, exhale and continue with other chores I had to do. Thinking all was lost, I turned on my computer again and clicked on the Photoshop icon. The program opened, and there was a recovered project from before. Slight changes, but all I did was there. I pasted the background and other elements as I blended them, but the little details I added stood tilted. A minor correction here, a slight modification there, the cover was done and ready for export. So I named it and saved it. It was over. No more work on that project, so I decided to go to the store and buy cigarettes. Yes, I smoke. I took the exact money needed for this bad habit, grabbed my surgeon mask, and took off. It was fine weather outside, so I left the jacket at home. But then I got to the store and found it closed. New working hours written on the door, lock on the barred double screen, nobody inside. I had to wait until five o’clock to get my nicotine sticks, and the wait felt like days. Yes, I am cranky without my cigarettes’. Yes, my anxiety gets worse without nicotine, but it ended great when I bought the pack, had my third coffee, and posted what was planned.

About that productiveness. I left two more articles for editing on the portal and planned to put a few more when I get the covers done. I took some reading, which is always great and useful for writers. In the end, I hope to watch a movie, chill for a bit before bed and look forward to doing some more good work tomorrow.

No story tomorrow because I got busy with some stuff and I had no writing inspiration. Sorry. Perhaps, things will change next month.

And here is the new photo of the Cyber Corps mascot I took from the internet. The one I used until today is far back in the list of images and it’s good to switch up things from time to time.

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