Nighttime blabbering 527

The Association began doing a few older projects in late 2015 which surfaced back to the assembly line, and I have two people working on them. It’s a selection of news articles that should immensely boost our popularity and bring our SF organization closer to a broad audience. This step-up is supposed to raise awareness of our existence, present our products (books, novels, and magazines) to the world, popularize science fiction in the region, and place us on a higher importance level. People who read these articles should see how serious we are with what we do, how professionally we take this job, and where the young artist might find their home. Overall, these articles should focus on the positive and inspire positive thinking. After that, we expect expansion in the region. Formed in 2015, we published 5 novels to this day; while being a non-profit organization, we came so far with our goals, survived many problems, and kept going forward.

My job is to create a series of texts on local legends, something you had read on this blog, and prepare them for the portal. With those articles and essays, there will be more news considering our excellent work in science fiction for the big news agencies. All I can say about these plans is that a classic marketing campaign has its charms, and if you are an author, you should definitely try working your way into the local newspapers. There are libraries in your area that would be delighted to meet your halfway and help you promote your novel. It’s doing good for them to get some recognition and attract more readers. Yes, that is hard work, but it can open another world of possibilities for you and your writing career. That is the plan.

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