Nighttime blabbering 526

I’ve found a YouTube channel of Brandon Sanderson. If you haven’t heard of him, shame on you. Brandon is one of the most popular and selling epic fantasy authors today. He is teaching creative writing at a University. He also posts his lectures on a YouTube channel, available for all young writers to follow, sit through and learn about writing. With all this said, I think that makes him the best human being alive. Whenever I get an hour in a day for myself, I pause the playlist and watch one of his lectures. They are very informative, creative, well planned, and delivered. There are many tricks of the trade-up, and coming writers can learn and apply in their work. I recommend it to everyone to find his channel and watch his lectures. He speaks about the processes of creating names, plotting your novels, writing short stories, and trying to sell them.

In the meantime, there’s work to be done. Today was reserved for checking the articles and putting them up for review. It’s a bit amazing to read and understand how some writers in the guild think and see established authors’ great work. The course of the latest batch I got a few weeks ago is mainly based on classic Russian authors like Dostoyevsky, Gogol, and Bukowski regarding their relations with science fiction and fiction in the broad term. It’s a shame these articles are in Serbian, and there is no English version I can show you, but I am telling you these essays are very good.

Among other things, I need to finish some stuff, try getting the local newspaper to create an article on me, and get me on their portal. I plan to donate two copies of my novel to the local library, show some kindness to them, and contact the main person who runs the library. There should be a writer’s gathering, like a small presentation of my novel to the audience, and boost the sales. Comicon comes to mind, but only on a shorter scale.

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