Nighttime blabbering 525

I spent my whole day working on the portal. I do not have much free time to write, do something fun, read or watch a movie. It’s a very dull and tedious job, but if you have an awesome playlist to keep you company, it should be alright. This should be the end of this post because I am exhausted, weak, and sleepy. One more rant about the weather, my lack of inspiration, and blabbering that leads nowhere will kill me. Not much happened for the past two days. I got my author’s copies, and I should get on with making a list of people who need to get one, but I am out of energy. Every day is more extended; the spring is coming, which explains it; however, every day feels longer, and I still can’t get things done in time. After this is over, this task on the portal; I will need to get back those stories I have waiting. Ugh, well… that’s a problem for tomorrow. You won’t mind if I keep this short? Perhaps something will happen in the next two days, I’ll miraculously feel better.

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