How I promoted my first novel

Tonight, I want to show you some promo material I made to convince people to buy my novel. Since I am always striving to be creative and original, some ideas went into action.

Selling novels is very hard, and you must always find new ways how to attract attention. The most prominent method of marketing is conducted through social media. To be successful on social platforms, many social media users try to gather as many followers on their profile or public page as possible. In other words, these people try to become social influencers and use their popularity to promote their work directly to potential customers.

It’s not advised to spam your audience with promo material or be too aggressive with your posts. One or two posts per day are quite enough to raise someone’s attention. Post regularly and often in the beginning, but after two days keep the amount of your posts to one every other day. Try not to appear needy.

Sharing snippets, posters, cover art, and other promo material is something all writers do for better sales. Some writers chose to create trailers for their novels, and this promo video can be hard to make. There aren’t many platforms that offer royalty-free video clips, and if they offer something, it’s usually not representing the plot of your novel. If you chose to create a trailer, I recommend you to search for free videos on YouTube or do a simple Google search to find platforms and sites that provide free samples. Be cautious around the little letters in the videos’ corners and the fall-down menu with “Licensing” written on it.

When speaking about free videos, be mindful of the resolution and video quality you are downloading, and many times a free video comes with a watermark covering the middle of the video. It’s hard to find what you need on those sites, but it is possible to create a trailer. You must be ready to lower your standards, and use what you find online. I managed to make two trailers for my first novel, and here is one of them.

Dronstad – The Quarantine official trailer

Along with a trailer, I wanted to diversify my marketing campaign with a few quotes and snippets from my novel, including the exciting parts filled with mystery. But that wasn’t all I did. After a few weeks, the trailer and the quotes circulated the social media, the campaign came to a standstill. To keep the promotion going, I chose to create a few digital pictures with the main characters from the novel having fun. What is the concept behind those funny images? My novel’s publisher is called “The Hitchhiker’s Guide Through Fiction” or “Guide Through Fiction” for short. I decided to play with the publisher’s name and created a ‘Guide to Sell Your Novel’, where I offered funny ways of boosting your sales. Here are a few pictures with added translation on the side.

The title: Guide for selling a novel – Dronstad version

Step 1: Approach the potential customer and say “Give me your money”

Step 2: Take the money

Stem 3: Hand them the novel

The title: Guide for selling a novel – Dronstad version

Step 1: Ask the customer “Wanna’ novel?”

Step 2: Show them the book cover

Step 3: Ask again “How ’bout now?”

The title: Guide for selling a novel – Dronstad version

Step 1: Create a virus (the novel is about a pandemic)

Step 2: Start the pandemic

Step 3: For every vaccine sold, you get a novel for free

The title: Guide for selling a novel – Dronstad version

Step 1: Notify your friends

Step 2: Say “Hey, I published a novel”

Step 3: Don’t be annoying

Sadly, I’ll have to inform you that my first novel is only available in Serbian language and it’s not translated in any other language… yet. Therefore, I am not going to call you to make a purchase, but I am giving you a little taste of the marketing campaign I did to promote my work. I hope this will come useful to someone, and inspire them to be creative with their approach to potential customers.

Until the next time, take care and see you in a couple of days.


P.S.: Here is the cover of my novel instead of the Commander Kitten. The story “Martian Piranha” is coming out tomorrow, so I hope you are ready for it.

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