Nighttime blabbering 519

Tonight, I hope to finish the brand new story for my Patreon since the old one was too much work. I took all the advice Cage gave me on the first attempt and used it for the second project. Not this story is several times better than the first, which is very lovely. The work I am doing for the Association is building up, and there won’t be enough time this month to write a few more manuscripts as planned. It looks like I’ll have to prioritize, make a different schedule and jump from a project to project just to make ends meet. Read this as taking a more dynamic and creative work path to get everything done by the deadline. If anything, this multitasking should prove itself fun. There is no room for boredom; I just need to get through this month, and then I could plan out something else. Because February is turning hellish, I am forced to take another option of translating some of my older stories and use those as Patreon prime material. The truth is, I am somewhat better at writing in my mother tongue, which is expected; therefore, the translated stories should have all the segments the one good story needs. The construction is better, more logical, reasonable, more sturdy, and promising. Writing in English always demands thinking a bit differently. I tried to keep up with writing in both the Serbian and English languages, and all it did was bring me to the breaking point. I haven’t had enough sleep for the past month or had a break from working. There were no free weekends because I use those to catch up with all the workload and finish some stuff. Now, don’t interpret this post as a complaint because I am not trying to put sad feelings in you. I am reporting on my reality, life, and expectations. To end this post on a brighter note, I can say that my novel is selling well. Some of my friends and people from the Association said they are interested in buying my book, reading it, and leaving some positive reviews. One can only be hopeful. Happy thoughts, people. Those will save you a couple of nerves and get you through a challenging period. Just hang in there. Over and out until the next time.

I am still happy I am writing.

2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 519

  1. I hope my comment finds you well. Stay strong commander. My bro said to keep trying new things. Sometimes a break is needed to feed the inner creative in our hearts.

    Then fresh inspiration will come.

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