Nighttime blabbering 518

Editing the story for the next month is so hard that I stopped working on it and started writing a new story. Again, the idea I used in the first project was better for a novel than for a short form. I believe it’s possible to squeeze everything in 5000 words, like any other novel storyline, but that needs time and careful planning. The way I wrote the story demands more information, more work, and more caution while writing. The beginning is solid, sort of an experimental camera pan from the third person narrative to the first person point of view. Everything after that goes well, and the end is powerful. You can say that everything is there. However, the scenes are worthy of a novel, and it’s practically impossible to shorten them, only to keep them in the manuscript. If I want to use this idea, I’ll need to rewrite it, use different scenes, and reconstruct the story’s skeleton so that the important stuff shine out and stand on their own feet. Even the characters are deep, which is recommendable for the short form. In other words, the choice of scenes and storytelling is way off from what a reliable reading material needs. Thanks to Cage and her keen eye, I understand what went wrong and why the story seems cold and shallow. This news story is supposed to be ten times better. Outlines were never on my mind when I sat down to write, but I think it’s time to start using them.

Two days ago, I proudly announced I published my novel. Currently, I am working on promo material that looks like a comic book. It’s fun, and I might translate a sheet or two to show you. Many things and obligations are demanding my time, so the upcoming weeks are going to be exhausting. Tomorrow, I am mentally preparing myself to start sorting out the articles on the Association portal. Wish me luck; I am going to need it.

Well, this is for tonight. Cage, count this post as a notification. I’ll use an old story idea, but when I have more time to write an outline and start all over again. Once again, thank you for lending me advice. It was beneficial and useful.

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