Nighttime blabbering 507

I am running a packed schedule over here. Tomorrow I am posting a short story called “The Prophet of Gomorrah”, a redone piece I originally wrote for my blog that I called “Digital Prophet”. I wrote the story again and gave it to Cage Dunn, my editor in chief, to look at it. She deleted and added a few more things that connected the scenes better, so now I am giving you a final version of the story. The way this thing turned out, in the end, is surprising to me, to say at least. I love it very much, and I am very proud of this writing. To me, this is perfect, and it’s a shame the contest where I sent this story to is abandoned. Well, I am glad I can share it with you and the world. It was fun writing it, and it is even more fun to read it. The plot, scenes, and characters in place convincing and realistic for a cyberpunk genre. I’ll let you be the judge of that and enjoy your reading.

The second thing coming up is on the Orthodox Christmas day, which falls on January 6th. Yeah, we Serbs are orthodox, so we celebrate two Christmas days and one New Year. This part of the year is crammed with holidays, important dates, and occasions for throwing a party. I mean, we are still in the Covid era, so nothing vast and extravagant will held place, but close family will prepare a feast and stick to the house. Staying indoors is being hard since we are experiencing spring temperatures, fine weather, and favorable conditions to just take a long stroll in the countryside. I am outside as much as I am inside my home because I can’t sit idly when the Sun is shining, and you don’t need more than a light jacket to be out and about. Now, I just pray we don’t have icing overnight as that would severely damage our crops that should’ve wintered under the ground. These temperatures make seeds develop and sprout out from the soil, only to be fronted by low temperatures. That’s really bad for the upcoming season.

So, to resume what I said. On the 5th comes a story from my Patreon, reworked, redone, and better than the original. Then after that, on the 6th comes a snippet from the novel I am currently writing. While you read the excerpt, I’ll be at home with my family, celebrating an orthodox Christmas.

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