Nighttime blabbering 506

I got back to writing today, and so far, I think it’s going great. I have thoroughly emerged into the world I am building, and the scenes, in the beginning, should show how that world looks like are shining brighter than I initially thought they would. In these segments, the slow unraveling of the plot is captivating and exciting to watch. I am talking about fashion from the 18 century, a reinvented tradition that has roots from my culture, and images made in a fantasy element. I really like what I am doing here, and if I maintain this energy and passion for writing, there could be something awe-inspiring to see and read.

As every project has its problems, I face minor challenges with picking the right names for side characters that haven’t been important in early planning. Because I decided that every hunter in this novel has fantasy elements, each soldier has a ghost sitting on his shoulder. These ghosts speak in verses, so they are poets. There is a combination of first-person narrative and third person, only because I need that for the story to work. I devised a plan to use the main character’s ghost to transition from the first person to the third person divided into chapters. If I manifest the bond between the hunter and the spirit, I should make the gentle passage from one narration to the other with little problems and risk to remain misunderstood. This little trick should become the highlight of the novel. I mean, think about it, will ya. You have hunters and ghosts in 18-19 century, living in an endless forest full of dreadful beasts. You also have lyrical and prose parts with a changing point of view.

And at last, you have an emotional story of growing up and standing for what is right. And everything is partially full of color. I love this novel already.

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