Nighttime blabbering 500

This 500th post isn’t going to be all that memorable for numerous reasons. One of them is that I was relatively busy and taken with some important business. Just because nothing of grandeur is happening for the post, it doesn’t necessarily mean that my day was of the same state. My twin sister came to visit me, and she will be staying here for a few days. I am close to finishing up reading a book, one of my friends wrote. It’s long time favor I had to complete because he will read my first novel and scribble an analysis to use as a sales tool. Tonight is the night when my Association officially promotes me on their official Instagram account, which makes this day a complete success. You see, it’s never too gloomy, but also never so bright in my life. I missed my chance to create a fun post and celebrate my 500th blabbering, but on the other hand, some niceties happen to me. So, got my sister here with me, read a book, got the people talking about my novel, did a favor to a friend, about to watch a movie with my sis, drinking beer right now… all in all, not that bad, but not the way I imagined.

I am slowly learning to be satisfied with what I have. Now, I’ve always appreciated little things in my life, those tiny details, small steps leaping forward, so this isn’t some big reveal for me. I just needed to be reminded that the little thing also counts and that I shouldn’t be all tied up for something, only to be let down if the plan goes south. So, what did we learn today? Shut your mouth, and be grateful. This post will suffice as a token of appreciation for all the followers, reads, reblogs, and comments. Do I need to remind you how much you mean to me, how much I love you and cherish our friendship? Alright, here is the deal then. I’ll translate a few pages from my latest novel and post it on my blog, right here. Let that be a reward to all of my Commanders in Quill, my fellow brothers, and sisters of blogging kind.

That will be one more chore I’ll need to add to my list, but the one I will gladly do.

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