Nighttime blabbering 486

I’d say that lumber season is over. These few months, my father and I managed to prepare 65 cubic meters of firewood. We chopped around 10 meters for our own use, but I am still suspicious that the amount we have won’t be sufficient. It just might do the trick and last us during the winter if the winter is somewhat warmer and a bit more pleasant. The last year, I’ve said that winter without snow is bad for the soil, the plants, and the crops’ general productivity. Snow cleans the air, forms a coat over the ground, and protects it from freezing. Snow is good. If the land remains bare, a layer of ice can spread on it, and that way destroy and kill life in seeds, tiny sprouts, and plants that would bloom and bear fruit in the spring. Ugh, I’m not too fond of the cold, but I miss the snow, or should I say that I miss the memory of snow and fun I had during winter.

Tomorrow is a saint day, a holiday, so nobody is working. That will provide me time to write a few pages of the novel I began working on. I am looking forward to doing some creative stuff. That’s always fun and keeps my mind off other things and problems that keep happening. Yeah, that’s all for tonight. I hope all of you are fine and in good health. Take care, keep doing what you love, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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