Nighttime blabbering 485

I’ve seen people respond pretty well to the short story announcement. It makes me happy to realize some of you love experimental writing. For a taste of the plot and characters I used in this latest piece, you’ll have to wait until November 25th, when I will share a snippet.

New Year is approaching, I mean December, which is the last month of 2020. This brings a problem to find the next idea for a story. I thought about doing some light motifs and a happy story, in contrast to what happened this year. With the corona, lockdowns, economic crisis, rampaging US election drama, and a few more things that made us less tolerant to others, I wanted to give all of you some ventilation and clear this air that fell heavy on our minds. On the other hand, perhaps no sugar-coating is the right way to represent this year and go all-in with dark elements in the story. I could do a write-up that portrays current times, but that would be kicking the dead horse. Still, the next story’s idea lingers, and I am asking you what you would like to read?

Along with this problem, I am writing a novel. You heard it first. It’s an epic fantasy with elements of steampunk. I posted a story on the Association’s portal a long time ago, and that’s about to be printed in the second magazine the Association is publishing, so I used that same idea and decided to prolong it into a novel. My fingers are tingling, and that’s the sign that I went long enough without writing something substantial. I just need to get it all on paper and not think about anything else. Wish me luck and please answer my question: What would you like to see me write next?

3 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 485

    • The thing is, I got ideas, but they are half-done and I assume they are not fit for the audience I am building. Plus, this is so much entertaining and fun. I’m writing stories specially for the people who are going to read it. 😀

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