Lost in Paradise (announcement)

For this month, I have prepared you a story full of misery. This isn’t the story about the military lifestyle you’d expect. If anything, I would classify this piece as anti-military writing, and a story meant to provoke some thoughts and inspire you to see Space warfare in a different light. Initially, I planned to send this story to a contest, but after I exchanged some words with Cage Dunn, I decided to write another thing and save it for Patreon. Now, you will get the chance to read it in its original form.

Nobody expected that military life would come to this that every second spent on the moon called Eden is a curse. Nobody warned me about what is happening behind the curtains. Nobody is to blame but me.

Take a look at the other side of military service. Take a glimpse at what the future might hold for a recruit dreaming of glory. The price he pays for rejecting orders is too high, yet his choice was the correct one.

The moon Eden is a paradise, luscious, colorful, pleasant, yet a living dread.

Join my army on Patreon. With only a 2$ per month subscription, you will access all of my stories and writing projects. You’ll get to read the stories, poems and see the artwork I did for my write-ups.

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