Nighttime blabbering 484

Everything is settled up for tomorrow. You will get a proper announcement for the story and a good cover reveals. Again, I am calling everybody to join me on my journey and strive for perfection. Since I am working with Cage Dunn here, I am putting a test phase with this story. What does this mean? Well, this time, I am not using an editor. Why, for god sakes, why would I be that crazy not to have an editor run through the story? Oh, God, no!

Hold your horses. I chose to post this story in the raw form because I want to see how do you respond. I have many stories in the ‘short story’ section on my blog that were not edited and probably will never be edited. I do not need to post another one, do I? But here is the thing. Since I have that many stories that are barely a scene from, what looks like, something longer, like a story or a novel, I also have a good portion of edited stories. I want to see if my writing truly improved since I started editing and how did I progress. After everything passes, I will have enough statistics to analyze and see where I am going with my writing. Is it better, is it worse, what happened? That means that I will spot where I am weak and on what I should focus more on when I am doing one of my projects. The way I see it, this is all about becoming better, and nobody said it was easy.

So, be patient until tomorrow and take care.

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