Nighttime blabbering 483

In a couple of days, you can expect a proper announcement for the short story I made for this month. What is the story about? Hm… I can say it now, but I’ll give you all the information you need to know in a few days. So, hold on tight, and get ready for a space adventure. Yes, I am back in science fiction, my first love and passion.

That being said, writing is on the backburner for now. Yesterday, I saw my neighbor get her stock of lumber unloaded in her backyard. That means I’ll have to chop that into kinder and firewood because I am using her internet. Yeah, those new followers here might not know, but my computer and all the gear I have are borrowed or second-hand technology. The only thing that is on my name is the CPU case and the monitor. Mouse, keyboard, camera, TP-Link I use to connect to the internet were gifts from family and friends. Oh, what? You feel sorry for me? Don’t. This is proof that you don’t need much to chase your dreams. If I can do it from a third-world country, so can you. Let this be your daily cup of motivation to get out of that bed, make it tidy, have some breakfast, and make a leap for the stars. You could be barely a dozen inches in the air, but remember that at this point, you will be closer to the stars than the person standing with both of its feet on the ground.

Chace you dreams y’all. Talk to you soon.

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