Nighttime blabbering 476

My sister visited me, which is why I have several photos to share with you. Whenever she gets a few days off from work, she makes a mission to come home. But every time she is here, we must take a walk through the countryside, go to our favorite piece of land and talk about anything going on in our lives.

We came to our old estate where we have a cottage with sheep. There, we have a quince tree at the middle of the property and a linden tree in the corner where additional objects once stood. The place is somewhat out from the village, quiet and nice, with little travelers passing by. It was exactly what we needed to continue our talk.

I am picking quince fruit.

She told me about her problems. I felt for her when she told me that goal in her life does not exist. It’s as if she just survives, and there is nothing that brings her joy. Nothing inspires her to get up in the morning, and the monotonous lifestyle is getting her down. Her job is not something she would wish for other people. According to her, the workplace is filled with negative energy, customers without basic manners, and bosses who don’t care about their facilities. But I let her vent on me. At least I can listen, give her examples, and suggest changes. She appreciates my attention, jokes, and kind words. I believe that people need people, a proper human to listen to them and offer them time. In the most cases, the time is the rarest of commodities.

Me being silly.

After she vents, I share my accomplishments, dreams, goals, what I want from life, and how far I went with my tries and fails. She is my friend, and it is like I am walking lighter when I talk to her. She is very supportive, unlike other people in my life. I cherish our walks in the countryside and remember them through pictures.

And I haven’t forgot to show you Commander Kitten here, the mascot of my army of fellow bloggers, followers and writers.

9 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 476

  1. One of the best and most underrated goals in life is to provide a good life and future prospects for the children of the new generation. It’s a big job with hundreds of skills needed.
    However, a personal goal, something we do for ourselves, is a great way to pay ourselves for the sacrifices we make for the children.

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