Pieces of Hell: Tales of the Dead (OUT NOW)

There is not much to say about this story. I managed to write it in time, create a cover, and run editing with fabulous Cage Dunn that surpassed my expectations. I think this story is the best one from the Pieces of Hell saga. The plot is well developed, the storyline is brilliant, and the characters are interesting. Yes, the story is a bit longer than what I used to write, but the length, in this case, gave me more space to bring the world to life.

There won’t be a critique segment in the document because I don’t want to spoil the story and prolong the text further than it already is. The story is long enough, and anything added would disrupt the form and the construction. I could say a few words about the characters and the world inside this story, but I learned that surprises are more appreciated. I hope you will like the story, the blunt of its narration, the roughness of the characters, and the grim world that belongs to them.

Set foot on the path that leads toward the settlement. Get on the journey of fate. With hope in your heart, stand still in the face of danger and death. Greet the hermits of the land. Feel the humbleness of Idric chanters, people that work as undertakers, caretakers, and empaths with a capacity to understand the suffering of the ordinary peasants. Follow Veinar Daybreak on his quest to find a mystery man named Blevin. Experience the chill of a plot twist and sense of restlessness at the very end. Read the final piece of the “Pieces of Hell” saga, enjoy in the “Tales of the Dead,” and leave me a comment.

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