Nighttime blabbering 475

The season for lumber and firewood is still going. Yesterday, I went to the smallest of my estates with trees and bushes and grass to clear it. The wild bushes grew strong and took about half of the whole land I have in ownership. There is a river running on the south and the road to the north. This acre of land is beautiful with wild nature all around it. The calmness I felt and the inner peace I got from watching the river, clearing the land, and spectating wildlife blooming is indescribable.

This piece of land looks unrecognizable after I was done with it. A whole new space opened up near the river where bushes grew thick. The water and humid air are driving it upward. It’s been over five years since we last visited this piece of land, so I expected to find chaos. My father and I cleared the area one morning. I mean, it wasn’t that much work, honestly. And why we cleared it? Well, that tree in the back is our target. We created space for machinery to roll in, cut the tree, and use it for firewood. So, that’s what I did yesterday.

And what will happen tomorrow? Well, the “Pieces of Hell: the Tales of the Dead” is coming out to my Patreon. There you go, folks. The saga is completed. Join my Patreon, read it first. It’s going to come out in about ten hours from now, so set your watches and enjoy the story.

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