Nighttime blabbering 474

Just a few more days, and the final piece from the “Pieces of Hell” is coming out. If you are with some change you can afford to spend, I’d suggest you toss it HERE. Or, recommend my Patreon to someone who likes these write-ups, stories, and fiction. I appreciate it.

Today, I am bringing you an unsolvable question. I am wondering, what should I write next for my Patreon? If I present you with an option, would you choose something for me? I am perplexed about what should be my next project or, dare I say, challenge. This is the problem that consumes my mind lately.

The other thing that keeps me wide awake is that freelancing is not going great. For the past few months, I had a lot of chores around my estate. Bear in mind that I am not making a living from farming, and I am trying to make writing my day job. Seasonal work is slowly passing, and the winter is coming. It means that I will have a lot of spare time, or so I hope so. Because I plan to do more freelance jobs if I can find it. A regular job would kill all of my time, which means that I will have to sacrifice my hobbies and turn to what brings money. See, this is the problem I am getting into. On the one hand, yes, I like writing; on the other hand, writing doesn’t pay the bills. However, writing is what makes me live my life and wake up in the morning.

Yeah, it gets tough like that sometimes. No worries, I’ll just get more efficient and try my best. Some solutions will come up to me, and I better make the correct choice; the problems grow more significant. Ah, life in eastern Europe never fails to be a challenge.

2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 474

  1. There are people who wouldn’t know how to grow food to keep them alive. They’d have to spend a lot of time learning it, getting help from people who do it, and making mistakes that end with an empty belly for a while.
    You can do this work. You’ve done it all your life. You could show someone how to plan it, test it, do it. they’d still find it hard, they’d still make mistakes, but they’d have someone to help them get over it if they had a mentor.

    Writing (and other similar work) also takes a lot of time to learn how to check the ground for suitability, strategise the work, plan and implement. It would still take time, mistakes would still happen, but a mentor (or someone who’s willing to give for something else they can take from the exchange of knowledge) will ease the pain of those empty belly times.

    The answer to all these things is to live for the passion of it. Grow food that will keep the belly full and the family fed.
    Write/draw the things that keep your mind and soul fed and nourished.

    Passion. It’s all about the things we are most passionate about. Write the stories that your heart and soul would die without.

    And keep learning.

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