Nighttime blabbering 473

Okay, was it four years already since I began blogging? That sounds like a lot of time spent with you guys. I mean, four years, that’s like finishing high school with one class of students, share bread and laughs together. I hope you had fun with me around here because I sure had a blast with my Commanders in Quill.

The thing is, I forgot about this special day. It slipped my mind when I started this blog. Many things passed me by. I remember when there were many comments under my posts, under the stories, words of praise, and kind words of encouragement. I think of those, and I always come to fantasize about the reason why I made this blog.

To be frank with you, I just wanted to give it a shot, gather a fanbase for when my novels get printed, and have a bond with the loyal following. It was a childish dream. Instead of finding people willing to buy my books and offer me compliments, and some genuinely good advice, I met friends, and now, I think I got the better thing out of blogging. It’s a shame my time is reserved for projects, and so little is left for me to use and blog about my life, write stories every day for you, and read all of your stuff.

So, in other words, I want you to know that I love you. Yes, you. YOU.

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