Pieces of Hell: Tales of the Dead (announcement)

The last piece within the “Pieces of Hell” saga is finally here. It was a fun experience writing it, and now I can leave it at rest.

The first piece was a war drama. The second was a paranormal military drama, while the third leaned into contemporary paranormal fiction. The fourth part is an entirely different story settled in alternative history, which has very little fiction and falls under the thriller genre.

Be patient until October 25, when the “Pieces of Hell: Tales of the Dead” comes out. Get ready for an emotional, dark-grim story about an Idric chanter seeking destiny and serving fate to those about to die. See how his purpose shines in this world of despair and misery.

For this sequel, I am not giving insight and critique. I am leaving that to you to analyze, study, and dissect. If you have the time, I would like to leave me a comment and suggest what I should write next. What would you like to read?

Join my Patreon, become a supporter and get a custom story, cover and much more. Any donation helps me a lot with my writing goals.

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